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Food distribution

SPJ dispenses food

to hundreds

of people each week.

Can you coordinate a food drive at your place of work, school or church? Can you make up snack bags for our children? Can you make a monetary donation for SPJ to purchase much needed food items?

Medical & Dental Care

SPJ would like every person who needs medical attention to receive it. SPJ built and operates a clinic in the colonias, free of charge. This clinic provides basic medications as prescribed by our doctors and nurses, who volunteer their time and talents on a monthly basis. We also have the ability to do ultrasounds, EKGs, and test for glucose levels. However, we do not have the ability to do x-rays or blood tests. When further studies are needed we must transport the patient and pay for studies in the city of Juarez to address those concerns.

All of these costs need to be covered by SPJ, as the patients are unable.


General Medical Care

SPJ is very appreciative of our volunteer Doctors & Nurses

and are always looking for additional medical personnel

to add to our monthly teams.


Obstetrical Care

SPJ provides diapers, formula

and baby items

as donations allow.

Perhaps you can help with the ongoing need for baby items?


Dental Care

SPJ needs more Dentists

and Hygienists

to join our medical team. Perhaps your Dentist

could be asked to join?

Services & Sponsorships

Family Sponsorships


SPJ provides monthly family sponsorships as a helping hand when a family is in crisis.

  • Dealing with a medical issue and needs ongoing support for various needs

  • Has lost their primary source of income due to company layoffs, death, abandonment, medical, etc.

  • Elderly who have no viable source

       of income

Family sponsorships are typically a

6-12 month commitment.

Educational Sponsorships

SPJ provides sponsorships to assist every child in realizing the dreaming of an education.

  • All schools and all grades mandate registration entry fees, SPJ pays those fees as needed.

  • SPJ provides backpacks and school supplies

  • SPJ provides a school van to transport the local children to and from school.

  • SPJ assists children through all grades from Kindergarten through high school and beyond to college or technical training.

SPJ has recently celebrated our first SPJ sponsored medical school graduate.

School sponsorships are needed twice per year.

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